Research and Verify a Business Name

At Elite Brand Names, we have developed a simple and straight forward process by which you can research and verify possible business names.

1) First, check the U.S, trademark office to see if the name has been trademarked. Search Database

2) If you want to go international, you can check the WIPO database (Madrid System). Search Database

3) Check to see if the name is registered with the SEC. Search Database

4) Also verify that the name is not registered in your state. Go to your state’s database.


Now that you have passed through the legal checks, there are some other marketing related checks that need to be done.

Check for Name Availability in Social Media

All businesses have to have some level of online interaction. Even if your business is not an online operation, you are going to want some type of online presence. In addition to the web, you need to also consider social media.  At a minimum, you are going to want to have a website, email address, and perhaps a twitter and facebook accounts.  Proper branding will suggest that these all be the same name.

Let’s check the availability of your potential business name.

1) Search to see if the domain is available. Seach Database  

You should only search for the “.com” version of your name. You can find many more articles on why, but basically, all branding and name professionals agree that the “.com” extension is the only extension accepted in the marketplace.

2) Search to see if the name is available in social media. Search Database

The primary outlets to look for are twitter, facebook, instagram, and printerest.


Run a Background Check

If your name is readily available and has been vetted via the steps above, the final step is to run a background check to make sure no one has used the name before and perhaps created a negative reputation.  You also want to make sure there is not a very similar name being used that would create confusion or possible harm to your reputation.

1) Search google and see what comes up. Search Google

2) Check the name against the email and blocked domain database. Search Database


How to Find A Premium Business Name

If you have run your possible name choices through the steps above and still cannot find a usable business name, it may be time to get some help. You could spend thousands of dollars hiring consultants, etc. or you could just buy from our portfolio of business names that have already been scanned and vetted by our professional staff.

At Elite Brand Names, we have gone through all the steps above with hundreds of premium, brandable names and have put the best of them up for sale.  At Elite, you can shop our vetted portfolio of business names and save yourself hours and hours of researching and testing.  In fact, we even have some names that will come not only with the “.com” url, they will also include the matching twitter and facebook accounts!

How is that for saving time?

To view our portfolio, Search Elite