Best Cashback Shopping Sites of 2016

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2016 is the year that online shopping has really taken off with the mainstream public. As online shopping has gained acceptance, more and more consumers are diving in looking for the best bargains and discounts.

It doesn’t take a new online shopper long to realize that prices do vary and the use of coupons and promo codes can really add up.  Ultimately, a savy consumer will come across the term cashback shopping and realize that they are leaving money on the table unless they are shopping via a cashback shopping portal.

We have researched the major players and now present our Top Cashback Shopping Sites of 2016

Cashback Shopping at RebateCodes


RebateCodes offers coupons, promo codes and cashback at over 1500 retailers.  Their website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate.

However, the real advantage of using is their free browser extensions that are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  The extensions run in the background while you are surfing and shopping. They alert you when you come across a website that offers cashback and will even note the cashback rate % in your google search results. This is a fantastic tool in that it eliminates the major reason people fail to earn cashback from their shopping – They forget to login!!!  This oversight is eliminated once the browser extension is installed.

In addition, RebateCodes offers the highest cashback rate on the retailers we checked and you can withdraw your money at anytime, as often as you like, as long as you have over $25 in your account. Joining is not only free, you get $5 deposited in your account just for joining.




Befrugal offers up to 30% cash back from more than 4,000 stores by making your purchase through this site. You’ll see your earnings in your account within a few days. Once your balance reaches $25 or more, you can request a payment via PayPal, gift card or by check (U.S. only). BeFrugal processes payments on the 15th of each month. PayPal deposits are immediate while gift cards and checks take seven to 10 days to reach your mailbox.




Ebates offers up to 25% cash back at more than 1,200 online stores, though the average earnings are usually closer to 5%. Search the site to find your favorite store, then click the “Shop Now” link to make your purchase. Your cash-back earnings will show up in your account within 48 hours.

Ebates sends you a payment each quarter based on your account earnings of at least $5 or more. You have three options for redeeming your earnings: a check in the mail, a PayPal deposit, or a gift to a charity or family member.


Online shopping can be a great tool and can save the average consumer a great deal of time and money.  Cashback shopping via one of the portals above is truly a “no brainer” in that it is like leaving money on the table if you do not take advantage of the services of a portal like  Good luck and happy shopping!