5 Critical Factors for a Business Brand Name

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It today’s world, selecting, building, and growing a brand identity for your business is crucial for success. A brand’s primary purpose is to differentiate your business from your competitors by identifying what makes your company above and beyond the competition. And you need to do it right, re-branding is difficult and expensive!

All candidates for a brand name should be considered with these 5 critical factors in mind.



The 5 Critical Factors


  1. Ensure it is web friendly. It should be short and easy to say and spell. Tricky spellings or cute play on letters can be a disaster.  Also, think about social media pages like twitter and facebook. Are the matching names or pages available? Some branding domain sellers like Elite Brand Names will often sell the domain and matching social media pages in one package. This is a tremendous time savings and huge advantage with working with branding specialists.
  2. Keep it Simple. Avoid cute play on letters, ¬†hyphens, misspellings, etc. Is it easy for the name to spread via “word of mouth”. Would the average person be able to enter it in the browser without problems?
  3. Does it Stand Out. Is the name memorable? Yes you want it simple, but it must also be memorable to the customer. Compare candidates to your competitors, does it stand out?
  4. Think about a logo. When considering names, try to put logos with them. Do you want a text logo or an object? Consider Apple’s logo vs. Microsoft’s….get the picture?
  5. Does the name contain the essence of the company? What message are you trying to convey in your brand name? Easy – Fast – Secure – Safe – Flexible – Strong…a name can convey much about a company.